Tortoise or Hare ?

As the tortoise crossed the finish line, he smiled to himself…

He wondered why the hare hadn’t taken the time to just stop and take stock of what was going on around him before rushing to the finish line

That way he may have been able to plan a more successful winning strategy…tort

Are you the tortoise or the hare ?

  • In the fast paced business world in which we operate today, it sometimes feels that no matter how fast you sprint, two things always happen.

Firstly, you never sprint fast or far enough to reach the finish line (or your targets), and secondly,even if you do, there is always someone snapping at your heels, or maybe even “pipping you to the post”!

With ever changing technology it is easy to have the latest systems, but when it comes to investing money the biggest returns, if spent in the right way on the right things , are usually gained from your most valuable asset:your people.

After all, why pay to bring in new things if you already have something that , with a bit of investment ,could become great right  under your nose ?

Ask yourself…

When was the last time you really invested in your business through your people ?

How motivated are they? What makes them tick?

If each of them raised their performance by just 10% what would that mean to your bottom line profits?


If  you want to get the right answers to these, for yourself and your business, then welcome to Development Matters.

What can we offer you ?

  • Highly skilled consultations using psychometric assessments to provide self and team awareness of how different personality related behaviors, can affect your business goals.-Individual coaching sessions,focusing on specific personal or business issues.
  • Team building and development events to identify opportunities for enhancing performance.
  • An extensive range of programmes tailored to fit your needs including, management and communication skills, recruitment and selection, performance management, coaching and influencing and negotiation.