Head of Protection at LV=

Having Julia as a coach has proved very helpful to me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses in the business environment and challenging me around how I use that better understanding of myself. Proper coaching a world away from cosy chats that add no value.

Sales Manager at Legal & General

I’ve worked with Julia now for the past couple of years both on an individual level and as part of a management team. We’ve worked through a number of personal development tools e.g 360/Hogan and more recently Strengthscope. Julia has a great knack of being able to pick out both your strong points and your weaknesses – she’s then able to guide you into taking responsibility for your own actions and has proved a great sounding board as I’ve developed. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

Account Director at Legal & General

Julia’s approach really helps me crystallize my own thinking for future strategic planning, team synergy and self confidence.

When Julia first proposed a Strength scope approach it resonated perfectly with the way in which I want to be a leader, how I would want my team to work together and focused the team on what I knew was going to be a very busy couple of years ahead. I wanted my team to understand their preferred learning styles and identify their own key strengths highlighted to them via the Strength scope tool.

I knew my team would buy in to this programme of development, but Julia’s enthusiasm and know how, really made the whole thing come together to give me now a great team, all pulling in the same direction and all appreciative of what each individual can bring to the collective business goals.

Finally, it is the little things that can really make a difference, Julia does not overlook the detail, foreseeing how things can unravel if you don’t take action or fail to recognize individual excellence.

I’m very grateful to Julia as she is a key component to how my team successfully functions and without doubt a vital part of my own personal success.

Head of Account Relationships

I’ve recently started working with Julia and have found her fantastic to do business with. Extremely knowledgeable about her subject with an instinctive ability to understand needs and provide a development solution.

Operations Director at Legal & General

Julia, runs a business how it should be run, she is 100% personable, professional and most importantly makes a difference, her understanding of people is second to none, and i have no hesitation in recommending her work to others.

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