julia pic Owner, Julia Ridley is an experienced management and business development professional, specialising in coaching, management, training , development and recruitment.

She has worked at board level with directors of FTSE 100 listed companies.

Her specialism is helping management and organisations to achieve their business objectives through developing and engaging their people.

Julia holds a Diploma in the Institute of Leadership & Management and she is a qualified practioner of a range of psychometric tools including Hogan, MBTI, FIRO-B and EQI-360.

In addition to this Julia is an NLP practioner, and work as an associate for development in education where she has run numerous in house training events that have been mutually beneficial to both students and corporate clients.

So why Development Matters?

At Development Matters we know each clients needs are different which is why we draw on this range of skills to design and deliver bespoke 1.1 or group development solutions, and a range of training programmes and corporate events.

We believe in working hard to change behavior from the roots, or belief level, to bring about long lasting behavioural change.

In turn this leads to enhanced business performance, which , at the end of the day, is what counts.


Our clients tell us we have an inherent ability to get to the heart of the issue by engaging with individuals of all levels, whilst remaining creative and pragmatic at the same time.

It’s about the client knowing that during our meetings and events they are the most important person in relation to the situation- and they are.

One of the best things a client told us was  ” the difference between you and all the other development professionals I have encountered is that you genuinely care about the people you are working with” .

And it is this ethos that we build from.

Why not-it is what leads to fantastic business outcomes for individuals, teams and their organisation.

To unlock fantastic opportunities  and if DEVELOPMENT MATTERS to you come and talk to us.

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